Swimming is an essential life skill – young or old, everyone loves jumping into the water on a hot summer day and splashing around. But to actually enjoy the water, learning to swim is a process. If you learn the right way, you will not only be safe, you will have fun and enjoy the water for a lifetime. Learning to swim opens up a multitude of water-related experiences like snorkelling or scuba diving in some of the most exotic locations in the world. Swimming can even be an individual or team sport in a swimming pool or even open water.

I am an individual who teaches how to swim in a systematic way i.e strokes can all be learnt on later stages first and foremost the fear factor of staying deep inside the water has to be negotiated.

Personally, when I learnt swimming I did observe quite a lot on what parameters it works for some it does not work for others.

Private swimming classes can be conducted at your Apartment / Villa / Club House Swimming pools.

Specialist to teach Swim for Adults:
While the mechanics of teaching a swimming stroke to children and adults are basically the same, the psychology involved is often quite different. Adults are likely taking lessons to confront a fear of water that has been with them for some time.

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